Our Mission

Enable your support group to be fully present in each interaction with goodness and compassion.

— Danny Lieberman

Fits your practice

Mindful sharing online

  • The climate, norms and style of interaction is set by the facilitator and members.
  • In Pathcare – the facilitator may take a neutral role and focus on process using Pathcare Private Messaging or take a more active leadership role by becoming deeply involved in issues and leverage their expertise as content  expert by using Pathcare Groups.
  • Privacy is by design. Pathcare does not store and does not use personal data. Period.
  • Leaders have private relationships with support group members. Membership is invitation-only.
  • No online advertising.   No distractions.
  • Pathcare is simple and intuitive.  If you are a support group leader / facilitator – click here to get started.

What can I do with Pathcare?

You can setup Pathcare to fit your practice and expertise and start connecting with members in less than an hour. If you are a support group leader / facilitator – click here to get started.

Pathcare Private Messaging

  • Simple to use interface with familiar features of compose, send, reply and forward.
  • Private and secure messaging with members of your support groups, without the exposure to spam and time-wasting effects of email.
  • Powerful tools for sorting and selecting messages.

Pathcare Groups

  • Easy, 1-click sharing of files and articles to individual member, groups of members or entire support group.  Support groups can be as small as 2 or 3 or hundreds.  The intimate, mindful connection is maintained.
  • Pathcare Groups are a powerful yet simple and controlled way to share content – for example, in PD support group, a facilitator can share newly-found drug contraindications with hundreds of Parkinson Disease patients and family members in remote locations with a single click.
  • Pathcare features both Private Groups – where all interactions are 1:1 as well as Community Groups, where  members can share comments in a facilitated discussion while maintaining the privacy of private conversations with the group leader.
  • Runs on all browsers and is mobile-friendly.

Benefits for facilitators

  • Having the entire thread of conversations online makes it easier and faster to take a decision
  • You save time in face-to-face group meetings  because members can record events and experiences before they come in to the meeting. Data is more accurate since people can record critical events like falls and blood pressure drops, in proximity to the event itself.
  • A facilitator achieves earlier and more consistent understanding of issues and can reduce the cost of inappropriate activities since the data is more timely and more accurate accurate.
  • You can respond faster to changes in members’ condition and refine the plan with better follow up on  tasks, subjects, problems, since the data is now flowing in both directions – from group leader to member and member to group leader.
  • The mindful collaboration inherent in Pathcare  heightens your members trust and confidence in you. More confidence and trust helps achieve exceptional performance by the group.

Benefits for members

  • Pathcare is always on – and helps facilitators and members agree on boundaries and times of interaction.
  • Knowing that your group leader is listening to you in a 1 on 1 conversation increases trust.

What about foreign languages?

Pathcare is globalized with multiple language and right-to-left support. We currently support English and Hebrew. Russian is coming soon. After you login, click on Settings in the top toolbar to change the language and direction of the interface. Over time, we will support more and more languages including Persian and Arabic, so stay tuned!

What about security?

We work hard to secure our software and protect our users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold.  Our day job is software security and privacy compliance for biomed.   You can read more here. In particular:

  • We encrypt Pathcare services using SSL Extended Verification from Thawte.
  • We host Pathcare services at SAS 70 certified hosting facilities at Rackspace Cloud.
  • We secure and periodically audit our services using HIPAA compliance security rule guidelines in technical, administrative and physical areas.

Who are you guys?

Pathcare is a digital service provided by Repnets Ltd, a privately held Israeli corporation that develops innovative online services. We are a group of veteran entrepeneurs looking to make life a little bit easier for a few people in this world.

Our Motto

Forget about big data and technology. Enable mindful sharing online with small data and simple technology.

— Danny Lieberman