About us

Pathcare is a start-up venture from 2 hi-tech entrepreneurs in Israel on a mission.

Pathcare is an online service for support group leaders and their members that is designed from the ground up to enable mindful interactions with goodness and compassion instead of advertising and media.

Pathcare serves the emotional needs of support group members in 3 ways:

Emotional support at a personal and group level
A quiet place for digital interaction
A private platform for personal expression

Pathcare includes closed social groups where members can participate, respond and start discussions in private and receive personal and discreet support online from the support group leader.

It’s friendly, its free for support group facilitators and it will delight you with its ease of use and beautiful, minimalist user interface.

We’d love to see you join us in our adventure of enabling mindful interaction online – you can setup Pathcare for your support group over a cup of coffee.  Contact us – coffee and Pathcare on us!

Danny and Michael